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The Story

The mother knew her water source was contaminated and causing her children to be sick. But she had no other place to draw water from. She tried to boil the water before drinking, but if there was no firewood available that day, there was no way to protect her children from disease. This all changed when some people brought a bio-sand filter to her community.

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The Story

Unprecedented drought has left many people hungry.

"Kenya is facing one of its worst droughts in decades. Families are camped by dry wells, livestock has become too skinny to be eaten or sold, and armed conflict is flaring up between cattle grazers in the north."

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The Story

Without the pads, these two girls and all the others needing them would not be able to attend school for at least one week this month. Because of this gift, they won’t miss a second of class due to having their periods. These kids are poor, very poor.

Imagine you own literally nothing, then to be given something so personal, so needed and yet so basic.

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The Story: Elphas Barasa

Elphas is 9 years old and in class 2. He has a brother already at Liberty School, as well. Their mother is very sickly and the father is without a job, even though he tries. Elphas is hardworking and very well behaved.

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The Story: Ann Nekesa

Ann is 8 years old and in class 2. She has 3 older sisters, all at Liberty School (Mercy, Millicent, and Dorcus). Ann is very hardworking and respectful to all around her. She is being raised by a young, industrious single mom who is illiterate and has current employment managing the village borehole. Ann’s father was killed while working as a security guard. She lives in two rooms sharing a bed with her 3 sisters and her mom.

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The Story: Dorcus Nangila

Dorcus has two older sisters already at Liberty School. She is 7 and in class 2. Her father was killed. She now lives with her mother and 3 siblings in a small rental space near the village market but the mother struggles as a widow to provide even the basic needs of her 4 daughters. Dorcus is very friendly and outgoing.

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The Story: Trezor Nekesa

Trezor is 8 years old and in class 1. Her father died last year and now she lives with her mother and six siblings. A widow with such a large family has a very difficult life. Basic needs of clothing, rent, food and school fees are always a challenge. Trezor is very bright and wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

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The Story: Sarah Nelima

Sarah is six years old and in ECDE (pre-school). She has an older sister already at Liberty School. The situation at home has many challenges; poverty causes the needs of basic food, clothing, shelter to be a constant struggle. The parents work as day laborers for others trying to get enough money to feed the family.

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The Story: Moses Mukodo

Moses is five years old and in ECDE (pre-school). He lives with an elderly lady who has taken him in. She rescued him when he was abandoned by his mother in the forest and left to die. The elderly couple are sickly and feeble with no source of income. The basic needs of food and clothing, schooling are not being met. Moses aspires to be a driver when he grows up.

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