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Clean Water Saves Lives and Reaches Communities

a bottle of filtered water and a bottle of unfiltered water

$6,464 of $12,000
has been raised providing 377 out of 700 families with clean water

  • $17 provides one family their share of a water filter
  • $85 provides one filter serving five or more families
  • $170 provides two filters serving ten or more families
  • $42.50 / month or $510 provides six filters serving 30 or more families


The Story

The mother knew her water source was contaminated and causing her children to be sick. But she had no other place to draw water from. She tried to boil the water before drinking, but if there was no firewood available that day, there was no way to protect her children from disease. This all changed when some people brought a bio-sand filter to her community.

The results were immediate and dramatic for her family and her children's health. She also listened to them share a message about hope and the love of God and began meeting with a neighbor's house church. She feels like a new person, inside and out, and has begun sharing this Gospel with others.

You can change the life of a family and their community!

Partner With This Movement

Your donation of just $85 will provide clean water and access to a community interested in the Gospel.

Your gift of one water filter for a rural community will provide:

  • Clean water for many families saving lives and healing sick children
  • Entry into a community resulting in families reached, baptized, and new churches planted


High rates of disease and death, especially among children, are evidence that clean water is crucial. The World Health Organization1 estimates that 50% of malnutrition is associated with diarrheal disease and intestinal worms. These diseases are caused by unsafe drinking water, lack of basic hygiene knowledge and practice, and inadequate sanitation. 

These water filters not only save lives, but they have been proven to open doors into communities where the Gospel can be planted and churches birthed. Hundreds of churches have now been planted through the church planting movement in Rwanda, led by team leader Justin Nkundabagenzi, and Burundi, led by team leader Leodegard Bahizi. By providing more water filters, this movement will continue to reach many people who are trapped in spiritual and material poverty.

Now is a critical time

Communities are waiting for filters where the need is great! The time is now to reach this strife-torn nation with hope, peace, and the Gospel! Your partnership is critical!

a water filter
a pitcher of unfiltered water and a pitcher of filtered water
a young boy using a water filter

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