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As I wrote in a recent prayer note, “The only thing more fulfilling than worshiping with these guys from Burundi (see pic) is to hear their amazing stories of traveling out into village after village to share the love of Jesus.”

We had long discussions on ‘passion’ during our week with these young men and women. We agreed that what makes a leader is more about the fire in a person’s heart than most anything else. But, personally, I was humbled by their thoughts on the subject and, even more so, by the way they live it out.

Some of the discussion included ‘Where does the passion for Jesus Christ and the Gospel come from?’

“From our life being changed by the power of Jesus’ love.”

“From time in the Word of God.”

“From the Holy Spirit who fills us with God’s fire.”

“From time in prayer.”

“From walking out the assignments that God gives me.”

Then hearing their stories of how passion continues to motivate them to travel to remote and rural parts of the country was inspiring:

“My goal is to make 150 new disciples every three months who will be passionate to take God’s love to others.”

“I have been using Bible storytelling to reach Pygmies far from here who are starting groups and retelling the stories.”

“We are taking water filters into some of the most remote areas where people are so happy for this and invite us to start Bibles studies in their homes. We have to keep running to make time to spend with so many people.”

I honestly don’t think my own passion holds a candle to theirs, but I am surely hopeful that just a little of it rubs off!

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