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(Kenyan Orphans, Disabled Children & Underprivileged Girls/Women)

Mother & Daughter team up to bring hope to underprivileged Kenyan Girls and Children.

Donations online:
Click on the appropriate golden Donate button(s) below.

Donations can also be made by check to:
Appleseed Ministry, 234 Norwood St., Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
Memo: Millie & Roselyn's Projects

Millie and RoselynMillie Klumpp and Roselyn Conforti were born and raised in Kenya but are now U.S. citizens and residents of Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo respectively. Kenya remains in us and so is the heartbreaking suffering of underprivileged women, orphans, and disabled children there. We wish we had a magic wand to improve their everyday life, but obviously we do not. What we do know, however, is that God loves and cares for them through people with hearts like yours who are willing to join us. In the past, donations from family, neighbors, and friends have greatly helped in supporting three schools and two orphanages, one of which is for handicapped children. In the last 6 years, funds raised has enabled us to provide: one water well, generator, electricity, dormitory for 80 girls, 4 eco-san toilets, school fees for 15 orphans, 3 water tanks, 566 mosquito nets, 87 sewing machines, 95 crutches, 28 walkers, 2 wheel chairs, library books, laundry room, 40 reading glasses, 30 blankets, clothes, school supplies, catering appliances, etc.

However, our desire now is to focus on efforts to equip the widows and less-privileged women to self-support their families. By providing sewing machines and other trade equipment, women will be able to learn tailoring, knitting, catering, hairdressing, community nursing, housekeeping, greenhouse/fish/poultry farming skills, etc., and eventually be able to establish their own business. We also want to continue providing children with life-saving mosquito nets, protecting them from malaria, and getting wheelchairs for the disabled children at Nyaburi School.

You have heard it said, "Give someone a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach someone to fish and you support a family forever."

Your donation towards the following will change the lives of these women and children by:

  • Teaching a trade
  • Creating jobs
  • Providing sustainable income
  • Preventing malaria
  • Buying school supplies and uniforms for orphans
  • Providing handicapped children with wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches
  • Other trade equipment/appliances


MOSQUITO NETS: 3 for $35

CRUTCHES, WALKERS, WHEELCHAIRS, ETC.: $250 per wheelchair plus transportation