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Appleseed Travel Journal

Unedited & Unfiltered Travel Musings

Please be forewarned.  This is a “personal” travel journal.  We write anything and everything without filtering or editing.  We are thrilled to have you along for the ride. You can subscribe to this specific blog by email here. THIS travel journal is a place where we will make notes, share stories, dump, process feelings, and otherwise vent whatever grabs us while we are on the road.  We do NOT intend to try to craft these posts into a neat package designed to impress, wow, or even adequately inform. We will write a lot if the muse stirs us, and only a little if not.  We will be writing like we are sharing with friends back home or writing in our own journals. SO, if this particular blog is not what you had in mind, simply don't subscribe.  Really!  You will continue to receive our regular updates.

Our Personal Travel Blog

This is our personal, travel site where you will read and see everything that we feel like putting in print.  It might be a lot, it might be a little; but we will do our best to download many of our experiences, feelings, impressions, and try to provide our friends with some sense of the adventure as we experience it. Thanks for joining in. We think of each of our friends often while we travel! Roger & Brooks

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