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Feed the Poor With Dignity -- Organic Farms

$3,250 of $6,000
has been raised providing 66 families out of 120 with a farm

  • $45 provides one family with a farm share
  • $90 provides two families with a farm share
  • $45 / month provides a house church farm for 12 families


The Story

When Sammy woke up in the morning he did not know if there would be breakfast on the table. Though some friends were able to attend school, Sammy's parents could not afford his fees. This all changed when his parents were able to start a farm along with their house church community. Today, he eats daily and is receiving a life-changing education!

You can provide the poor a way out of poverty with dignity.

Partner With This Movement

Start sustainable farms for house churches AND see new churches birthed as a direct result of these house churches reaching others.

$45 buys one family a share in a house church farm -- food and income for a family ongoing
$90 buys two families a share in a house church farm -- food and income for two families ongoing
$45 per month x 12 months = one farm for an entire house church that can sustain them for years!


The house church network in Kenya has seen thousands of people baptized and are committed to spiritual transformation through disciple making movements. But the poor must be cared for!

Because one of their leaders has extensive farming background, they began developing farms for house churches. This is working!

One house church farm provides food and income:

  • Several families will have sustainable income to care for their children
  • The most vulnerable widows and handicapped people will be fed
  • People in the community will be reached and baptized because of the support provided by the farm
  • New house churches will form

Not only are lives changed because of these farms, the outreach to many other places is able to take place helping others who have been oppressed, demoralized, and impoverished!

Now Is a Critical Time

Hundreds of families are waiting their opportunity for their lives to change. They will do their part! Join them today to see lives changed!


Yes, please let the farms go

Yes, please let the farms go on. I totally agree with your approach to helping people provide themselves and multiply spiritually at the same time. You may just continue to draw 45 USD every month like you did so far.

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