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Hunger and Drought Relief: Wells & Farms

$3,250 of $6,000
has been raised providing 66 families out of 120 with a farm

  • $45 provides one family with a farm share
  • $90 provides two families with a farm share
  • $45 / month provides a house church farm for 12 families


The Story

Unprecedented drought has left many without sufficient food.

In the dry north Cherono's family eats once a day sometimes, but other times they go without. The water holes are so dry that they can go days with only a handful of water. The children have become vulnerable to disease because of the lack of critical nutrients.

Providing a single farm with irrigation can feed dozens of people who are suffering and supply needed water.

Provide Wells and Farms:

You can help us impact over 1,000 families!

$45 provides 10 people a share in farm and water
$90 provides 20 people a share in farm and water
$180 (or $15 / month) - provides 40 people a share in farm and water
$360 (or $30 / month) - provides 80 people a share in farm and water
$720 (or $60 / month) - provides 160 people a share in farm and water
$1,440 (or $120 / month) - provides 320 people a share in farm and water


The house church network in Kenya has seen thousands of people baptized and are committed to spiritual transformation through disciple making movements.

But drought is effecting thousands including children who are vulnerable to disease.

How did the situation with famine in Africa get like this?

It’s really been the culmination of several disruptive events that have led the affected communities to where they are now. Many of the countries in the region also have struggled with extreme poverty for decades and lack basic infrastructure to help their struggling families.

These people facing drought and hunger aren’t passive victims simply waiting for charities to save them. They are hard working people willing to do what it takes to help their families. They are willing to farm and they are committed, even in these hard times, to reaching out to others who do not know the love of Christ.


Yes, please let the farms go

Yes, please let the farms go on. I totally agree with your approach to helping people provide themselves and multiply spiritually at the same time. You may just continue to draw 45 USD every month like you did so far.

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