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Adopt Abel With Your Monthly Support


$35 / month to change one child's life

Your gift will provide your child with:

  • nutritious food
  • tuition for school
  • medicine when needed
  • a school family that cares

Your sponsorship will break the poverty cycle!

The Story: Abel Simiyu

Abel is the younger brother of a student already being sponsored at Liberty School. He is six years old and in class one. The family is very poor and live in a tiny rental compound near the village market. The family is barely able to exist on the father’s income of less than $2 per day using his bicycle as a taxi. Many of the most basic needs of clothing and food are not being met. Abel wants to be a teacher when he grows up.

The Background: Liberty School

Liberty School was started a few years ago, by Director John Mabonga, to rescue vulnerable children. Property was purchased, classrooms and orphanage facility were built, and now the high school is under construction. Over 300 children now attend and half of these children are vulnerable and would be unable to receive an education without this school. You can give a child the opportunity to receive the education and food they need to change their lives.

Locaton: Bikeke, Kenya

Bikeke is a small village in Kenya that is representative of many rural areas where families struggle to live on $2 or less per day. Many children have been orphaned by AIDS and many women struggle to support their children on their own.

With your help, the cycle of poverty can be broken!

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